Cinequity is a Business Management Consulting Company for Digital, Content and New Technology companies.
Launched in 2014, Cinequity also offers Digital IT services within its own branch of Digital Marketing and IT services
Within its exclusive patent, Cinequity has developed B-Neo, an innovative framework that generates dynamic and customized apps to boost your business, and much more !

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B-Neo®, a bridge between Digital and Physical worlds

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B-Neo®, a bridge between Digital and Physical worlds

An innovative digital system for attracting customers, boosting revenues and increasing loyalty

Because we respect End-User privacy and confidentiality, we have developed a unique system based on a multi-profile scheme and a non-intrusive app that protect End-User privacy while providing useful and relevant information to Brands through innovative User Experiences.

Boost your Revenues

Cinequity has developed a patented and innovative profiling system that gives your potential customer the opportunity to generate several profiles and select the one he wants to spread. Thus, you know what their interests are here and now and you can easily communicate and deliver relevant products, services and promotion they are expecting.

Example : Retailers used one of B-Neo mobile features :
They sent Push Notifications to 1 Million smartphone users who have downloaded their brand app.
Within three days, about 14.2 percent of the recipients went to one of the affiliate store's physical locations, resulting $500,000 revenue directly attribuable to the campaign.

Digital / Physical Worlds

How to revive Physical world when Digital World is all around us ? Studies show that people are more and more willing to purchase through their Smartphone, even more than through their Personal Computer. Smartphones have become part of Users'way of life. Hence, Cinequity has focused on how to attract Users to Physical world, how to create links between Mobile and Mortar ?

During the last 2 years, about 1/3 American Malls have gone bankcrupt because of lack of visitors. Main reason: Internet and e-commerce. People get information and purchase through their smartphones.
Some retailers have changed their stores into "retailment parks" in order to offer some experience to users. Alternatively, in order to adapt to these new conditions, Cinequity has developed solutions, for example, by providing exciting new digital experiences to users on location...

CRM and Business Intelligence

Cinequity's high secured Cloud Plattform stores all Data to be analyzed. Within a customized dashboard, you will have access to all data and within your mobile device, you can launch instantly marketing campaigns and reach targeted user profiles. You will also manage your customer ratings and reviews.

Real Time client analytics

Foot traffic, customer choice, interests and behavior (according to what they want to communicate), rating, reviews, all data are yield on real time. Hence, you will manage your promotions according to user profiles in order to maximize your return on investments.

You can also easily spread, through your mobile device, news about your product and launch Push Notification in order to alert them for a special event or promotion.

Updated with Last Innovations

Thanks to Cinequity partners and its team of high level engineers, B-Neo benefits from last updated technologies. Hence, Push Notifications, Audience Engagement, Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding, Artificial Intelligence, are some features B-Neo easily integrates

Important Notice : B-Neo respects end-users privacy and confidentiality : No personnal data (phone, personnal address, name) are required, high secured access is provided and most important, thanks to B-Neo technology and its multi-profile process, end-users remain the only one to decide which information they want to spread.
Multi profile scheme as well easy disconnection provide end-users all privacy they deserve

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Cinequity has developed with his partners a unique and fully integrated system that allows:
. A large number of users to access Premium Contents,
. Within one location and/or a large hi-speed network,
. Offline and/or Online.

By 2020, it is predicted that 24 Billion devices will be connected to the internet. The vast majority will use some form of wireless access.

Within the B-Connect® Network, we control the Access Point, broadcast and curate exclusive content, manage the User Experience and Gateway to the Internet By 2017, 60% of carrier network traffic will be offloaded to Wi-Fi.

  • Application Based Platform
  • Designed for Mobile
  • Localize content avoid bandwidth issue
  • Support both online and offline
  • Support IAB Advertising Standards
  • Designed for public spaces, retail, stadiums, Transit deployments and more specifically places with poor access to Internet
  • Can act as a standalone network or be integrated into existing Wifi networks.

Cinequity has developed B-Connect®, a system that allows people to get access to high quality contents within Super Fast Wifi connection, the last fastest generation of WiFi. Hence, end-users would benefit from :

  • High Quality contents
  • Localized and Customized services
  • Responsive contents

Comparative between Traditional Internet Access for Mobile Devices, Optic Fiber and B-Connect®:

Traditional Internet Access for Mobile devices Optic Connection
B-Connect® Connection
Location All area covered by Cell-Network Physically limited to Optic Fiber Network All area covered by Cell-Networks and fixed (Dsl, Optic...) Networks
Final User Internet connection 2G, 3G, LTE, 4G etc. Fast by using local WiFi if under 10 users at the same time for the same access. Above 10 users connected at the same time, Broadband is slightly reduced. Super Fast Wifi up to 2,000 users connected at the same time per access point
Signal Quality Limited and altered according to surrounding (weather and numberof users, distance to the antenna, cables quality etc.) Optimum within limited number of users Optimum
Local Server no yes yes
Connection costs for User Communication + Data (Mobile Operator) Bundle (Internet Provider) Free


Cinequity is a Business Management Consulting company that incorporate a Marketing Agency specialized in Mobile Apps that links Digital and Physical worlds and a IT agency that connects a team of IT experts across the world.

Cinequity uses cutting-edge technology to create a premium user experience, making every service and product accessible through your branded mobile app. Consumers can find the right product/service they are looking for with ease within non-intruisive process, look up movie showtimes, stay informed about events and even make reservations.
Here are some services Cinequity provides within its three branches, Business Consulting, Digital Marketing and IT Services:

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About us

Cinequity is a Management Business Consulting and a Digital Marketing and Media company that mixes Media and New Technologies. Cinequity Team draws on a broad range of skills and expertise from Management, Media, IT, Finances, legal advisers, Marketing and Communication. Based in London, Cinequity has focused to develop its services in Europe first and around the world starting from Africa and Brazil. Its main goal is to produce and broadcast local contents through an innovative system. Cinequity IT branche has a team of 10 high level Informatic Engineers from various nationality lead by specialists from Silicon Valley.

Cinequity increases its international team by hiring various and talentuous profiles. If you want to join our team, do not hesitate to send us your resume !

Africa is a land of opportunities with a new generation of people, technologies, opportunities and challenges. However, it currently looks like a busy traffic highway across a vast desert. The young, fast growing and increasingly better-educated population is calling out for quality content, and that request is currently going unheard.

Asia is another place where Cinequity system fits perfectly and differently than in Africa. While there is a large offer in Entertainment in Asia, Cinequity's system will bring another experience to Asian users : Responsive Content. Cinequity's system allows contents to be adapted according to end-users' demands.

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Partnership At A Glance

Cinequity is committed to long lasting and profitable relationship with our partners.
Be one of our partner and enjoy an International expertise.


Cinequity offers these integrated solutions to give customers everything they need to succeed on mobile:

Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding
Mobile Marketing Automation
Audience Building
Audience Engagement
Audience Monetization
Alerts and Notifications
Content Management
Analytics and Business Intelligence


Cinequity offers special sales teams and product offerings for these industries:

Higher Education
Media and Entertainment
Real Estate – Residential
Shopping Centers
Sports and Large Event Venues

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